Sunday, April 19, 2015
Hello. My name is Sherri Hansen, and it is an honor to be elected as the incoming Chair of the Log A Load For Kids® Foundation Advisory Committee.
WSRI has spent the winter—not in dormancy like so much of the Northern forest—but in active growth, producing tangible results. Here’s a core sampling of a few recent rings.
What makes an ideal wood-receiving policy? If “ideal” for the mill is different from “ideal” for the logger, what can we say about the distance between these ideals?
With majorities in both chambers, Republicans are in a strong position in the 114th Congress.
“Nashville: Sustaining Supply and Sustaining Suppliers”
A lengthy feature in the January 4 Bellingham [Washington] Herald points toward a change in public and policymaker attitudes toward forest-health treatments in restraining the effects of wildfire, especially in the eastern Washington’s wildland-urban interface.
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